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In Search of God

Several years ago I was on a quest,

a quest to find God.

I went from church to church looking for the right place for me.  What I was discovering was that some things felt really good and others, not so much.  Since I always go by what feels right, and nothing felt totally right, I continued my search.

As a young child, I remember going to church every Sunday with my parents and sitting there with my Barbie dolls or some other toy to keep me occupied during the service.  Once in a while I would hear something that startled me (or put fear into me) and I would whisper my fears to my dad.  My mom would shoot a harsh look at me to be quiet, but my dad would wrap his arms around me and say,

God loves you.”

As I got older, I began to go to Religious Education to prepare for Communion, and then Confirmation.  I have never been a trouble maker, but I’ve always been passionate about what I believe to be true.  I was thrown out of religious education class a few times because I questioned the teachings, but I honestly was not being a smartass. I was really curious and simply seeking the Truth.

I vaguely remember a story in the Bible of the Lord being pleased by the smell of an animal that was sacrificed for him…I stood up and firmly said, “That’s not MY God.”  The very next class, they showed us a fictional movie of what God was ‘suppose’ to be.  It was strange and I couldn’t hold back, so I said, “That’s NOT God!  God is in every one of us.  God is the brightest light you can ever imagine.  In fact, God is so bright, that you can’t even imagine the brightness.  God is the wind, the rain, the energy all around us.  God is not outside of us, nor is God male or female!”  With that, the priest was instructed to ‘have a talk with me.’

I somehow got through all of the requirements and was deemed Catholic, but I still didn’t feel I had my answers.  Time went by and I grew into a young woman who ventured out into the world still seeking the Truth.  I went to Shamans, Psychics and every kind of religious organization you could think of…then I took a break.  I just stopped going to all of these different places and I started to look within.

One Saturday afternoon, I drove by a church that said, ‘UNITY’ in front of the building.  I was compelled to walk inside and so I did.  No-one was there.  It was just an empty, open building.  I walked down a narrow hallway looking at all of the beautiful pictures on the wall.  Then I came to one that caught my attention immediately…

It was a picture with a beautiful golden frame that was oddly covered with a white cloth.  The white cloth was tacked with two clear tacks above the top of the frame.  Under the golden frame was an engraved tag that said, “The Christ.” I felt a chill run up my spine and that good ol’ Catholic guilt came flooding in.  I was frightened to lift the cloth, as I couldn’t imagine what could be so bad that this picture labeled, ‘The Christ’ would be COVERED!

I stepped back for a moment to ponder this whole situation and them something took over me and I lifted the cloth.

Under the cloth, in this beautiful golden frame, was a mirror!

At first glance, I noticed my facial features and was puzzled by the label and the mirror.  I then looked deeper at my own image and felt glued to this reflection starring back at me. I blinked my eyes and looked again, deeply into my own eyes and remembered the label under the picture.  I felt sun streaming through the window at the end of the hall upon my face and tears well up in my eyes.  I suddenly got it…

God is not outside of you.

God is within you!

In that one moment, I discontinued my search for the right church or religious following.  I had found my Truth.  The truth within that we all have and we all know, but we sometimes forget.  The truth is, God is within us, always available to us, and constantly there for us to reach our highest good.

The next time you look into that mirror, look a little deeper and see the Christ within.  Understand that God loves you, and therefore, you need to Love You!

From the Light in me, to the Light in you,



Don’t Let Anyone Take YOUR Power Away

A few days ago I read a children’s book titled, ‘Fireflies,‘ by Julie Brinkloe, to a group of girls for my GIRLS RULE Camp.  This book is a story of a child who feels the excitement of catching fireflies in mid-summer in a glass jar.  I love this story because when I was little that very event created many happy memories that I cherish, with my dad.

In this story, the child is called to come inside and brings the fireflies in his room, thinking the fireflies would be okay because he poked holes in the top of the jar.  When he first sets the jar down, he admires the bright glowing lights of the fireflies, and he says, “My Fireflies.”  In a few moments, he notices that the light in the jar is getting dimmer and dimmer.  He starts to realize that for the lights to brighten, he must let them go, but he doesn’t want to let go of his fireflies.

When the light gets very dim, with tears rolling down his cheeks, he opens the jar and points the jar toward the window.  He says, “Fly!”  Suddenly, the lights brighten and the fireflies explode out into the summer night air!

I’ve always loved this book because it reminds me of my dad, who is no longer here with me on earth, but last week it took on a new meaning…

Sometimes, we allow other people or situations to dim our light.  We allow ourselves to conform to what others want or what appears to be acceptable in society.  The problem is, we are not being TRUE to ourselves.  We slowly become dimmer and dimmer, and something inside of us dies.  Perhaps it’s passion, imagination, desire, or inspiration.  Nonetheless, it dies.

We can free ourselves by being true to ourselves and honoring our feelings.  Most importantly, we can empower ourselves and brighten our own light by never giving our power away.  We give our power away when we seek approval from others and when we hold back our truth because we are afraid of not fitting in…not fitting in with others, or perhaps with what society deems ‘right’.

If you’ve given your power away to another person, a co-worker, a boss or even a job, take it back! Take your power back by doing what feels right.  Stop hoping that others are going to change and that you will wake up from this horrible dream.  Take your power back and make your dreams become your reality, whatever dreams you may have.

You deserve it.  You are AMAZING.  You are a BRIGHT LIGHT just waiting to bust out and FLY!  Go for it…the jar is open.

Lots of Love & TONS OF LIGHT!


Life Starts When YOU Begin to Live

Three years ago on Thanksgiving morning, I received a chilling call that has changed the course of my life and my overall outlook…

On Wednesday, November 25, 2009, I went to bed with a smile upon my face because I realized that I was finally going to write the ‘book inside of me.’  I couldn’t wait to share this news with my parents, especially my dad who was always my biggest fan, the next morning because we were going to visit them for Thanksgiving.

On Thursday, November 26, 2009, I woke from a frightening dream at 4 am in the morning.  I can still remember it like it was yesterday…

In my dream, I was in a dismal cemetery.  It was drizzling, and my sisters and I were standing in a semi-circle starring down at a casket in a hole in the ground.  We were all dressed in black and I immediately assumed that it must be a sign that my mom was sick again, because she has battled cancer for many years.  In the next moment I looked up from the casket and standing directly across from me, also dressed in black, was my mom.  It was at that point in the dream that I realized that this was not about my mom, but rather my dad.  I then woke in a panic as my heart raced with fear.

Ironically, I turned to my left and noticed my 4 year old standing there starring at me.  I thought it was odd that he was there at 4 am, so I asked, “Nico, what’s wrong hunnie?”  He quickly responded with, “Mommy, I had a really bad dream.”  I gently hugged him and swaddled him into me and then asked him to tell me about his dream so that we could release it and go back to sleep like we normally do when he has a bad dream.  Unfortunately, he looked directly into my eyes and said, “Mama, I can’t tell you about this one.”  It was then that my fears were confirmed and I knew that this terrible dream was not only a dream but a sign that I needed to brace myself for.

Sure enough, at 7 am on that memorable Thanksgiving day, the phone call rolled in.  The call where I learned that my dad was admitted to the hospital the night before with an extremely high white cell count.

I went to my dad’s bedside and spent the next few days with him.  I talked to him, comforted him, did energy work on him, sang to him, and loved him.

The week-end prior to this nightmare, I was at a Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Tampa, FL having a revelation that there was a Hay House book in me. There were many inspiring instances that had occurred during these memorable days, but I distinctly remember a phrase by Dr. Wayne Dyer sticking in my mind…”Don’t Die With Your Music Left In You.”

I took this to mean something for my dad and so as I held him,  sang to him and supported him, I whispered that phrase into his ear, feeling like maybe he still had some music left in him…

Unfortunately, as I held my dad, a few moments after whispering that phrase and singing “Over the Rainbow” to him, I watched him take his last few breaths on this earth…It was Sunday, November 29, 2009 and my life was forever changed.

It took me several weeks to realize that that phrase that was stuck in my mind was NOT for my dad.  Instead, it was my dad’s way of continuing to inspire me.  Once I became aware of this I stopped saying, “Someday,” and I started living today, every day, in the moment.  You see, I suddenly realized that life is just too damn short to waste on fear and worry and I began to LIVE life instead of existing through life.  Within 6 months from that time, I published my first children’s book.  A book that had sat behind my desk for several years.  Now, almost 3 years later I am about to present a LIVE online event with Hay House…go figure!

This is all because I got a HUGE shock in my life and realized that life is here for us to LIVE and not to just exist through.

I believe that there are two forces that drive us in life…Love & fear.  Three years ago, I felt that I was being totally driven by fear and I knew something had to change.  For much of my life I was driven by fear.  Worry was never far behind me and I spent most of my days thinking ‘toxically’.

My Dad was an amazing man who always saw the sunshine in the darkness, but he too had a great deal of worry in his life, and that worry finally got to him in the form of cancer and took him before any of us had the chance to process what just happened.  Losing my dad made me see that I wanted to live life freely and let go of depression and that terrible feeling of unworthiness, so I made a vow to myself that 75-80% of the time I would only allow positive thoughts and I would become a positive person!

First, I broke this down by days of the week.  For example; Since there are 7 days in a week, I was only allowed to have 1 3/4 days that felt like ‘bad days’.  That still felt like too much, so I then broke it down to hours in a day.  I am awake approximately 15-16 hours a day, so 20-25% of that day is about 4 hours.  I therefore would only allow myself to be in a ‘bad mood’ for approximately 4 hours in a day.  That started to feel like too much too and I began to get very choosy about what I would let bother me and what I would worry about.

When the negative thoughts or feelings would creep in, I simply asked myself, “Is this worth my 20-25%?”  Prior to making this vow to myself, I would get upset about the smallest mishaps in life.  Maybe the traffic was too heavy or my favorite outfit wasn’t clean…that would send me into a tizzy!  I also was very hard on myself and never saw my own beautiful light.

Once I started this new practice, I suddenly had room to love myself, to listen to the voice within and above all to LIVE life to the fullest!

There’s no coincidence that I was at a Hay House I Can Do It conference the week-end before my dad left this earth.  There is no coincidence that Dr. Dyer’s phrase, “Don’t Die With Your Music Left In You” stuck in my brain.  There is also no coincidence that I am now presenting a LIVE online Hay House event!

Life starts when YOU begin living.  Stop existing and Start Living!

Lots of LOVE and tons of LIGHT,


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Are You Plugged In?

Have you ever walked into a room, clicked the light switch, and the light flickers because the plug is kind of falling out of the wall?

As soon as you realize that the light is flickering because the plug is not secure, you generally stabilize the plug and make sure it’s totally plugged into the Source of energy needed to supply the light, right?

Yeah, well, believe it or not, that’s what happens to us as human beings as well…

The Universe is an amazing place, isn’t it?  It doesn’t really matter what you believe about God, but most of us believe that there is something out there, well, bigger than us, bigger than this moment.

Some like to call this energy God, Goddess, or even Spirit.  I like to call it Source energy, and I think I just might be on to something because my 6 year old son, who shoots straight from the hip and is pretty darn firm in his convictions, confirmed this recently.

One day, I walked in the door from work and he immediately greeted me at the door with this question,

“Mom, who made God?”

Hmmmm… Well, welcome home Vicki!  I was totally caught off guard because I had baggage from the day in my hands, dinner on my brain, and I was barely in the door.

I’ve always considered myself a Spiritual person, but I don’t practice a religion, per se, so my son and I have deep talks and share what we think about the world around us (which I always find quite amazing).  I just wasn’t expecting something this deep upon arrival from a hectic day!

I took a deep breath, put my bags on the floor, took my shoes off (yeah, now that feels better), and then looked into his eyes and said, “Well, buddy, what do you think?”  My little avatar put his finger to his chin and replied, “Hmmmmm, well, let me think for a moment.”  He then closed his eyes for a brief moment (literally) and energetically spouted, “Oh, I know!  It’s the energy of the Light.  Yeah, that’s it.  God is the energy of the light, and that light is all around us and in us.  Thanks Mom!”

I’m sure you can imagine the look upon my face and the Spirit Rush that ran up my spine.  I immediately thought to myself, (and may have even said it out loud) “Thank you Universe.”

Now, what does this have to do with the plug in the wall?

Well, you see, I’ve come to realize that when we feel a bit ‘dim‘ (depressed, worried, fearful, stuck, etc.), it isn’t because the Universe isn’t providing for us.  Instead, it’s because we have disconnected from Source!

That ‘Energy of the Light,’ that my son ‘schooled’ me on, is ever present.  It is always available and constantly ready for us to plug in, but Source energy cannot make you plug in, you have to choose to plug in!

So, do you feel like your light is flickering lately instead of a steady stream of beautiful light?  If so, then here are some simple steps to get you plugged back in to Source energy…You know, the Energy of the Light!

1)   Take a few moments to thank the Universe every morning before you even open your eyes and hop out of bed.

2)  Start your day with a positive affirmation.  Make it something really useful, like; “I love you!” ( as you look at yourself in the mirror) , “I know that I can create miracles in my life”, or “I am full of Love & Light”.

3)  End your day with gratitude.  Thank the Universe for the blessings of the day, even if you felt that you had an awful day.  After all, it is in darkness that we can truly see the light!

Wishing you lots of Love and a secure connection to the Light!


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Be You!

Okay, so I have to admit that my husband and I thoroughly enjoy watching Bethenny Frankel’s Reality Show.  We watch it because we both LOVE her for one reason or another.  For me, I love her for the same reason I love Steven Tyler…what you see is what you get!

For those of you who know me personally, you know that this is exactly how I roll…whatcha see is whatcha get!

Last night, I found one more reason to LOVE Bethenny…she came up with a really awesome quote… “It seems like the minute you become successful, everyone starts beating you down!”

Unfortunately, I can totally relate to this of late… this made me begin to ponder this idea a bit.

So, let me ask you this…

Are you a BEACON of LIGHT, or


You see, I believe that deep inside all of us, is a light.  I wrote and published a children’s book about this a few years back www.thelightinsideofme.com  and I am now realizing that the lesson in that book is not only for children, but also the adults that surround them.

I do have to agree with Bethenny…It does appear that, “when we start to feel successful, others start beating us down,” but it doesn’t have to actually bring us down.

Jealously is a terrible feeling that brings out the worst in people.  We all experience it.  We all have felt it at some point in our lives.  Yet, it’s what we do with it from this point forward that really matters.

When we feel jealous of another person in this life for what they do, or who they are, we are simply adding power to our fears.  When our eyes are green with envy, we are giving that fear more attention than it truly deserves.  We are allowing fear to take over for love and setting ourselves up for a quick path to self-destruction.  Jealousy is just another way of saying, “I’m not good enough.”  It’s really sad, when you think of it that way, but that’s what it truly is.

If you feel even the slightest bit of jealousy for another person, (even if it’s someone on a Reality TV Show), do yourself a favor and release the feeling with Love.  You can do this by simply saying, “I am worthy.”  When you put that energy out in the Universe, it will be magnetized right back to you.  When you’re words are saying, “Who does she think she is?”  Your thoughts are truly saying, “Why am I not good enough for that?”  There is no need to dim the light of another person who is finding success in the world.  It won’t make you feel any more worthy.  Instead, when you feel even the slightest bit of jealousy, go within, love yourself, nurture yourself, and then congratulate that person for who they are or what they do.

Be a BEACON, not a DIMMER…You’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself and you’ll help to spread more light in the world!

In Love & Light,


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The Hats That We Wear

Wake up in the morning… put the Mommy hat on (my personal favorite), interchange with the Wifey hat, as needed.  Drive to work… put the Teacher hat on.  Throughout the day, put the Nurse, Therapist, Clinician, Friend, Pseudo- Mom, Advocate & Healer hat on.  Drive home… Mommy & Wifey hat, Chef hat (not my favorite), and Storyteller hat.  After my son goes to bed, I put on my Business hat, Web Designer hat, Technology Student hat, and the one I really LOVE… my Writer’s hat (that one has lots of fun energy in it)!  And so, you get it…

We wear lots of hats!

Now, here’s the deal… Wearing lots of hats is NOT a bad thing.  The truth of the matter is, that as a parent, a professional, or well, a human being, we have many different aspects of ourselves to cover in a day and in a life!

We make connections to others with these hats that we wear. Wearing several different hats is not the problem.  The problem, is trying to wear too many different hats at one time, and just going through the motions.   When you do this, you quickly become resentful, depressed, and discouraged.

As you read my list of hats above (and that’s not ALL of them), you could quickly see that I’m a busy lady.  I’m usually up late at night and I rise early, but I am mindful that I am a human being, and not a human doing.

What do I mean by that?  There are lots of things we do in a day that we could classify as wearing a hat, but who we are while we’re doing them, is what makes all of the difference.

When I feel overwhelmed it isn’t the hat’s fault.  Instead, it’s my own fault for not placing The ‘Taking Care of Me‘ hat on first!

Let’s face it, whether you are a woman or a man, you wear a lot of hats.  My question to you is…

Who are you in those hats?

A funny thing happened a few days ago…

My son and I were walking out of the market and he saw one of those crane machines with stuffed animals jammed inside.  Of course, he asked for 50 cents to play the game.  I was hesitant because I know how those games are and I didn’t want to see him disappointed, but he persisted and I gave in.  He put the coins in the machine and talked out his calculations about how he was going to grab this stuffed animal.  I held my breath as the crane dropped and then rose again with no stuffed animal to drop in the bucket.  To my surprise, my son was disappointed, but he shook it off quite easily.  We held hands and walked through the parking lot.  My son suddenly blurts out, “Ohhhh I get it now!”  I looked at him and asked what it was that he was now getting.  He responded, “I get why I didn’t grab the stuffed animal.”  “Oh, really?” I inquired.  His response, “Mom, I wasn’t one with the crane.  You have to BE the crane!”  I chuckled as we got into our vehicle, but he had given me a pretty HUGE message.  Huh, be the crane…

Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do until you get to the point when you can do what you really want to do.  The most important aspect to focus on here is not what you are doing at the moment.  Instead, focus on who you are while wearing any of your hats.  Be who you truly are, no matter what hat you have on, and you will find that no matter how many hats you wear on top of your head, you can still feel good and shine your light!

Here are some simple steps to remember when you wear lots of hats:

1) Always put your, ‘Taking Care of Me‘ hat on FIRST.

2) Focus on one hat at a time, and give all of your attention to that one hat during that time.

3) Be the hat!  If you have your Mommy or Daddy hat on, then just BE Mommy or Daddy in that moment.  If you have your Boss hat on, then just BE the Boss.

Sure, the hats are going to interchange quite quickly sometimes, but focus on being YOU in those hats, one at a time!

Lots of Love to YOU and all of your hats!


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‘The Greatest Love’

So, today, I feel totally, extremely blessed.  I feel that way, because for the first time in my life, on Valentine’s Day, nonetheless, I finally can say that I LOVE myself!

On September 11, 2011, I had one of the most ah-mazing experiences of my entire life.  Not only did I have the privilege of being called on stage in NYC at the Hay House Movers & Shakers Speak, Write, Promote Event to share my message, but more importantly, I felt that during my speech, everyone in the room was truly connected.  You see, in the middle of this 5-7 minute speech, I just broke out in song…that’s right, you heard me correctly, I broke out in song!

I started to sing, “I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well, and let them lead the way.  Show them all the beauty they possess inside.  Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier.  Let the children’s laughter, remind us how we used to be…

I’m sure you know that familiar song well…”The Greatest Love of All,” sang beautifully, none other than, by Whitney Houston in her prime.  I began singing this song because Spirit moved me to do so.  I was speaking of my purpose here on Earth…the preservation of childhood, and so it fit perfectly.

The most beautiful part of this whole experience was not that I was able to go on stage during this event and share my message with hundreds of people, including the beloved Louise Hay, amazing Cheryl Richardson, and truly inspiring publisher of Hay House, Reid Tracy…Instead, the most beautiful part of this whole experience was that when I began to sing that song, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the room joined in to sing it with me.  In that moment, we were all ONE, all connected at the very core of our being.  It was perfect, and beautiful, and truly Ah-mazing!

Today, on February 14, 2011, I feel very honored to have had that experience, and even more inspired to share my message with the world.  I believe that their are 7 Core Essentials to building strong foundations for our children, which ultimately lead to being the best possible version of yourself in adulthood.  The first of those is LOVING YOURSELF.

I know it sounds cliche’, but in truth it is the answer to all of the cracks in our very own foundation of life.  How about this Valentine’s day, you step out of your comfort zone of looking for love from others and you take the time to find your TRUE reflection.

You are absolutely beautiful.  You ARE Source energy.  You are AH-MAZING!  Take a deeper look in that MIRROR and see that you are all that you ever searched for…go ahead…Love yourself!

Here’s a tool to try this week to get started on this beautiful journey to the Greatest Love of AllLoving Yourself  (I will send another tip after you’ve practiced this for at least 1 week, so make sure you follow this blog so you won’t miss out)

Speak kindly to yourself.

1)   Start your day, every day, with a positive affirmation just for you.  As you lay in your cozy bed, (even just for the first 5 seconds of those waking moments) close your eyes, and think to yourself…I am motivated.  I am worthy.  I am beautiful.  I am ah-mazing!  It doesn’t really matter if you believe it at first…’fake it til ya make it!’

2)   After you stretch and get ready to start your day, before you hop into that shower, stop and look in the MIRROR, then say those same affirmations as you look deep into your very own eyes. (I know it can be hard to do your first time, but my 1st graders do mirror work, so trust me, you can too!)  It’s just you, Source energy and the mirror, and I promise IT will  move you!

3)   As your day rolls on and the voices build, breathe in and say those same affirmations again and again.  Shield yourself from the negative thoughts and immerse yourself in Love.  If you’ve ever loved someone or something, I mean really loved, then you know that the first thing you did was speak kindly.  Falling in Love with yourself means starting at square one…speak words of kindness, and only words of kindness.  If at some point, you find that words of self- doubt, despair, or the good ‘ol beating up of the self creep up on you, just breathe in again and repeat your kind words.  It’s just practice, but practice does make perfect…and the Truth is, you’re already perfect, you just might not know it yet!

Sending you lots of Love (and the courage to Love yourself),


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